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From his days on Virgin, Talk Radio, LBC and Real Radio,
some of his finest moments are here for your enjoyment.

Denotes a new addition
Test transmission 1
Test transmission 2
Two days and counting
Launch 1
Launch 2
Virgin Radio
Cold sausagePicnic time!
Drunk womanYou silly arse!
It's great!!Chris Moyles crashes Nick's show
KibbutzSorting out the youth
LBC incidentNew extended version of the classic call-out
Linda McCartneySwitch her microphone off!
Mrs HullDo you bed-hop?
Sperm donationNever have someone help you!
Talk Radio - For Ian Collins
Vitus GerulaitisIt's absolutely 'orrible!
Talk Radio - Saturday afternoons
Barbie's pussyCome in here and tickle it, Kev!
Boring fact manDoes he ever go out?
Deportation loungeThey found an anorak in his luggage
Dog pooBy 'eck, it were awful!
Drinking beerKev is drunk on duty
I suckHe'd suck anything!
Jibber-JabberNick introduces us to the greatest toy ever
Lightning Round - I hate...What is it with line 5?
Nick's dadHaving a father who is always drunk
Talk Radio - Saturday evenings
A male elephant's...Who's measuring?
A woman called TargetHave another fag, love!
Blockbuster VideoDear Mr Fat B@$t@rd...
Christmas lightsRomford sucks, by the way!
Elizabeth from Cheddar - 1One of her earliest calls
Elizabeth from Cheddar - 2Elvis Presley and the Hamburgers
Feng ShooHow did this man get on the air?
Hello?He likes the weird guy at the end
I've lost my pussyThis is not local radio!
Jesus in a dusterThe old favourite story
Nick contemplates suicideNick who can't get laid
Paul RossA media streetwalker?
Paula from Huddersfield - 1She was always on hold throughout the show!
Paula from Huddersfield - 2Part two of the above clip
Paula from Huddersfield - 3Nick and Kev demo her singing
Projectile vomitingLife as a student!
SpidersHow to get rid of them
Stiffest cuffsMike Allen gives good shirt
Um gameHave the balls dropped?
WeatherThe legendary weather-reading moment!
What's your query? - 1First example of the classic game
What's your query? - 2The second instalment
Talk Radio - Weekday evenings
Arab thingThey have their own rules
Call from a helicopterThe worst sounding line ever?
Cat storyPlaying games with sliced bread
CocaineTony Blair does seem to smile a lot!
Elizabeth from Cheddar - 1The classic "Pick Me Up On Your Way Down"
Elizabeth from Cheddar - 2Glenn Catley and Elizabeth's virginity
EvlynHas she forgotten she's on air?
Fighting for your countryIs this Billy Bradshaw ringing in?
Funny accentHe ends up sounding like...
Get yer Christmas pudAll bad advice willingly disseminated
Learning to be a DJKev is apparently a better DJ than Nick!
Loudest whistlerHe can mix good cement too!
Mike Allen swearsAir Canada are s#!t, apparently!
Millennium resolutionSilent reflection? Yeah right!
Queen MotherEverytime she smiles...
RatsHow not to deal with them!
Scott Chisholm incidentYou stay there, Abbot!
ScreenlessNick and John Simons play with fire
Screwing up the ad breakNick plays the most unfortunate sound effect!
Sheep DickAlex Midson slips up big time!
TapesDon't you try this at home!
Thumb suckingBeing "erotically turned on" by it!
Winos on the busesThey stink of p*ss!
Young pensionerSomeone get this fellow some jump leads!
Neil RogersNick in conversation with his radio hero
LBC 1152AM
Andrew in CroydonThis guy's unreal!
CarrotsLen the video shop man can't resist a joke
Clive BullNick & Carol describe their forthcoming show
Cock soupI bet it's very tasty!
Coming throughNick with the noisiest fax machine ever
Crispy aromatic dickTrust Carol to spot it!
Crushing sugarWhat Timo does when not listening to Nick
Daniel GeeReading the travel bulletin down the phone
David BeckhamHe looks like a t*ss*r!
Fascist b*st*rdsDon't bank with Yorkshire Bank
Fung ShooeyIt sounds rude when Carol says it
Hairy hotpantsKelly's a freak!
PilesCleaning your teeth with Anusol
Sit on my lapA drunk Nick gets fruity!
Tommy BoydFive Live talking to the wrong Tommy Boyd
You tw*t!What does the red light mean?
Your faceNick has a laugh at Carol
Real Radio
Away and boil your head!You can't say that!
Distress callWhat do you do?
Dog foodSplash it all over
Elizabeth from CheddarThe EfC talking doll!
GonadsHow has he lived so long?
HoggyNick is called by an old name from school
It's the MysteronsHas this bloke eaten Rod Stewart?
Leonard NimoyOne look at a jelly baby and...
KitKat ChunkyOr is it a chunky KitKat?
Michelle MabelleNick receives a box of jibber-jabbers
RingtoneWe wish you a Merry Christmas?
Robert from the RhonddaRob's classic "aggressive" call
RufusPolishing Nick's helmet!
Turn it down!Can ye still hear it?
Wheels on the busA titbit of talent
Where's your groin?I'd stop speaking, if I were you!
LBC 97.3
A good stuffingMaureen feels let down
Are you dancing?Lucy's got to learn!
BeefA revolutionary word to cheer us all up
Charlotte ChurchNick's impression of the Welsh chav
CrackersCan you eat 3 crackers in 2 minutes?
Hallowe'enChris from Crouch End has an idea
Heather wants a planeAde cracks a joke
HoodiesLady Alex's mobile goes off!
Hrhrhrhrhr!Picking bits of his face up!
I love sausageThe perils of Glastonbury
Jethro LivingstoneIt's not such a bad country!
JohnloonyThe word for the day - burglariously
Mr TeapotDo you know how much one costs?
Musical chocolateIt makes you sing!
Not just chocolateAlways make notes!
Pills & SoapA long and ponderous call about baby seals
Right, yeah, you knowHe just can't stop himself!
Wet WipesThose crazy Russians
Radio Luxembourg
Interview with Enda CaldwellA podcast revisiting Nick's old show

Nick related articles are now available from this site. These
include the articles Nick wrote for Men's Health magazine.

Among the useful programs available, you can download
your very own McGiffinator! Hours of fun for all the family!

Jingle Palette 4.45
ZIP, 8.2MB
The best "McGiffinator" style program out there
[ Zip ]
Streambox Ripper 2.011
ZIP, 1.7MB
Tool for converting RealAudio files into MP3, Windows Media or Wave files. RealPlayer required, sadly!
Exe ]
mp3DirectCut 2.15
EXE, 184KB
Basic MP3 editor for cutting bits out of the middle of an MP3 file
[ Exe ]
Deejaysystem MK1 r5a
EXE, 963KB
Free version of the highly capable MP3 DJ deck. You can have more than one instance open for double-deck playing.
[ Exe ]
EditPad Lite 7.11
EXE, 9.7MB
A free and very worthy substitute for Windows Notepad
[ Exe ]

Also there's the gallery containing some fun pictures.
Convincing, yet harmless! You won't believe your eyes!

The following photos have been digitally altered, and are therefore not genuine. They are intended for fun and are not to be taken seriously!

Ade and Elizabeth - 1Ray Murray
Ade and Elizabeth - 2Yagi Bare
Ade and Elizabeth - 3Timo Newton-Syms
Ade and Elizabeth - 4Ray Murray
Ade and Elizabeth - 5Ray Murray
The Abbey - 1Ray Murray
The Abbey - 2Desy
The Abbey - 3Ray Murray
The Abbey - 4Timo Newton-Syms
Carol McGiffin - BoozeRay Murray
Elizabeth from Cheddar - Signed photoRay Murray

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David Lodge
Thrapston, Northants
19 March 2010

Nick Abbot. Funniest phone-in host IN THE WORLD!!
Marion Windsor
13 March 2010

Brilliant site - will be back to listen to some more
Neil Kennedy
23 October 2008

Great site Ray, keep up the good work, lovely to hear the old stuff.
10 March 2005

Great site, provides great many Nick memories in the days when radio was worth listening to.
Lucy Bennett
Caerphilly, Wales
19 June 2004

Great site! Love the pics, hehe. Hope Nick gets back on radio soon.
19 June 2004

Hey! Is Nick definitely not dj-ing anymore?
Timo Newton-Syms
19 June 2004

I love those gallery pictures. =o)
The Famous Robert From The Rhondda
19 June 2004

Well I'm still alive. I've found somthing fantastic, Chris Needs On Radio Wales!
19 June 2004

Great site, do like Carol with that can of lager, how did you do it?
Desy Allen
Norn Iron
19 June 2004

Newsflash! Carol McGiffen makes Carlsberg Special look enticing :o)
19 June 2004

Looking good, pictures get more disturbing with every attempt!